Hotel à Carantec De La Baie de Morlaix
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Hotel de la Baie de Morlaix
17 Bis rue Albert Louppe
29660 Carantec
Tel. +33 2 98 67 07 64
Hotel dans le Finistère Nord


Skate park
Situated on Route de Keravel and free to the public with obstacles, ramps and bars. Protections required.

Playground for children
situated behind the beach of Kelenn, open to the public at all times with slides, sand box, etc.

BMX grounds
free access to the public at beach of Kelenn.

Beach Club
open July and August, welcomes children from the age of 3. Open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays). Swimming lessons at the heated pool at the beach of Kelenn.
Coordonnées :
Juillet : M. Servais
Tél. : 06 23 14 52 69
Août : M. Rannou
Tél. : 06 08 01 01 69

Jardins des mers
Welcomes children of 5 and 6 years of age in July and August for a first approach to water sports and the discovery of the marine environment: sailing, fishing and the collecting of shellfish, manual activities…
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